When you have no work to do, and you're just avoiding procrastinating by procrastinating? Is it still procrastinating? Procrastinating is a weird word.

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how the hell am I supposed to react to this

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“X Jigen e Youkoso” by Etsuko Yakushimaru/Yokko Kanno

"Hey, Everett,
What am I like in your world?
Let me take a peek.

Hey, Everett,
According to you, there are lots of different worlds
I’m not sure I understand

"Hi Dandy"
"How are you doing?"

Hey, Ph.D.
The alternate worlds will always be parallel
It’s enough to blow my mind

Oh, once it cools, it hardens
When Heated, it melts,
This world is so full of rules,
it’s gonna fall apart

One dimension, two dimensions, three dimensions,
A supernova falling west to east
Easy Game, Easy Game, Too Easy Game,
Going is fine, but what about coming home?

Oh, the dream of a never-ending dream
A melty, milky kiss,
How far will this world expand?” 


Holy shit. This ending sequence visuals and lyrics explain the rules of Space Dandy’s world. In these ending song lyrics she’s referencing Everett…HUGH EVERETT, the man responsible for the theory of Quantum Physics (multiple, parallel worlds).That would explain episode 1’s ending!

Very clever, Watanabe, very clever. Will be watching…:-)

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Reblog if you’ve ever yelled at a book.






Are there people who don’t reblog this?

I can only assume that the ones who haven’t aren’t reading the right books.


If it doesn’t make you mad, it’s not good enough.


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Hero’s Bag & Hero’s Satchel Messenger Bags


  • Embroidered Hylian music score
  • Ten note pins lets you recreate
  • Every possible song
  • Hero’s Bag holds full-size laptops

Via LevelUpStudios
Hero’s Bag (Messenger Bag) - $42.99
Hero’s Satchel 
(Field Bag) - $34.99
Brass Pin Set Upgrade - 

There was a point where I almost bought this, I still think about doing it to this day. ._.

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Ink Whiskey Concealable Entertainment Flask

Cartridges were great, right? Quick load times, durability… having to blow into the bottom every two seconds to clean out dust… But honestly, what a great time for gaming! The iconic NES cartridge has been the subject of many art projects and is a pop culture staple in retro gaming. And soon, it’ll get ya drunk!

Ink Whiskey LLC’s Kickstarter for an NES cartridge inspired flask was recently fully funded, currently having over $32,000 pledged. The flask will be made to look like the old cartridges with a removable cap at the top. Currently there are five designs for the “games” depicted on each flask, which are parodies of classic NES games. Drunk Hunt, CastleVodka, Metal Beer, and Super Bar-Hop Bros are options for the normal grey carts and The Legend of Drink will be on a special shiny gold cart.

The Kickstarter has just over 24 hours left, so there’s still a chance to preorder! The minimum pledge to receive a flask, once they’re produced, is $15. If you’re looking to splurge on something a bit more custom, the highest pledge ($250) will give backers a custom label parodying the game of their choice. 

Kickstarter Page for Ink Whiskey Concealable Entertainment Flask


I need this.

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Dammit, this made me so hungry.

Click here to watch all of Jon Stewart’s amazing deep-dish rant from last night’s Daily Show.

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Usagi and the Starry Night by Gilles Bone is $10 today at ShirtPunch (11/15).

I know at least a couple people would appreciate this


Usagi and the Starry Night by Gilles Bone is $10 today at ShirtPunch (11/15).

I know at least a couple people would appreciate this

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